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    Why Michael Shorstein

    If you’re pregnant, considering adoption for your baby is incredibly selfless, loving and courageous. So much so that Michael Shorstein has dedicated his career to saving lives and creating new families. For more than 25 years, he and his firm, Shorstein & Kelly, have been helping match birth mothers with caring, loving adoptive parents.

    Working with Michael, you’ll feel ease and comfort knowing that one of the most experienced and highly-qualified adoption attorneys in Florida will take care of you and your baby—with kindness, compassion and respect.



    Meet Michael

    Having worked with more than 2,500 birth mothers and adoptive parents since 1992, Michael Shorstein has a keen sense of the needs, desires and aspirations of everyone involved in the adoption process.

    Board certification

    Michael Shorstein is one of the first attorneys in Florida to become board certified in adoption law by The Florida Bar.

    Awards, education and professional associations

    Nominated by U.S. Senator Bill Nelson for his contribution to adoption law, Michael has been recognized by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute with the Angels in AdoptionTM award.

    Questions you may have

    If you’re thinking about placing your baby for adoption, you may have lots of questions. While we can’t anticipate everything you may want to know, we’ve listed many of the questions, along with the answers, we get asked most often. Feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not listed here.